eLABoration cards - Science Sentence Starters

eLABoration cards - Science Sentence Starters

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Included in the file are two versions:
-Letter Paper Size eLABoration Card
-Half-Sheet Size eLABoration Card

Both cards include 11 discussion prompts, including:
These results remind me of...
This activity helped me understand____, because...
Next time when I repeat this experiment...

I created this product to aid students in both written and verbal discussion during science labs, as well as STEM activities. I found that students were nervous to talk about their observations and findings, because they were unsure of how to articulate their thoughts. Allowing students access to these sentence starters can help them elaborate and explore deeper in the lab environment and makes each student feel involved in the discussion.

I suggest printing the eLABoration cards on bright or colored paper and placing them either on each table, or providing each student with a copy. They can be laminated and distributed at the beginning of the year and referenced during all lab activities.

Thank you for downloading!

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