A Restorative Circle on Body Image

A Restorative Circle on Body Image

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Need help getting started with restorative circles in your classroom? This resource can help! It can be adapted for both remote circles or in person circles! This PPT goes through the flow of a traditional restorative circle practice. The only part missing is setting community norms. This part is left out since it is unique to your student community.


In this PPT you will see...

- An Opening Ceremony (Featuring Song Lyrics)

- An Activity and Discussion on Body Image First Impressions and Reactions

- An Examination and Discussion of Cultural Norms of What is Seen As Healthy and Attractive

- A Closing Ceremony That Teaches Students Self-Love


Some of the images are adapted from Tolerance.org.


Hints for having a successful circle:
- Establish your community norms with your students

- Have students seated in a circle arrangement (if possible)

- Include a "talking piece" (this can be a ball, toy, or any item that becomes special to the group and can be passed around to allow students to have the "mic")

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